Lotus Flower Imports, Chico, Ca.

Lotus Flower Imports, Chico, Ca4

Meet Harrison, He’s the proprietor of The Lotus Flower Imports, located at,

Lotus Flower Imports, Chico, Ca5

Lotus Flower Imports, Chico, Ca3

839 Main St., Chico, CA 95928

(530) 345-6783

Lotus Flower Imports is filled with unique gifts, jewelry, crystals, and fine stones, one of a kind gifts. And Also carries a good line of Hemp-EaZe products!

Lotus Flower Imports, Chico, Ca2

There’s Bill and Harrison

Lotus Flower Imports has been supporting Hemp-EaZe Products Since 2009

Thank you Harrison!

Visiting The Lotus Flower

Where to find Hemp-EaZe at Lotus Flower Imports?

Lotus Flower Imports also sponsors the Healing Arts Festival and Psychic Fair a community event that will present to the public different healing, alternative, integrative and holistic modalities under one roof!


Their mission; To bring medical and alternative practitioners and products together, providing a thoroughly comprehensive event for the community. You will have a unique opportunity to learn about therapies first hand in order to make wise choices about your health involving your Mind, Body and Spirit.

Lotus Flower Imports Also does silkscreening for t-shirts, etc.

Next time your passing bye, go visit the Lotus Flower Imports.;) Also a great place to get your supply of Hemp-EaZe products.