Kentucky Marijuana Party

Meet Our Friends over At Kentucky Marijuana Party

For Those that Don’t Know, The KMPA- Kentucky Marijuana Party- Activists are great supporters of Hemp-EaZe

Sheree Krider, Has been A great Friend, since the beginning Of Hemp-EaZe inception, is also an activist for the Bill of Rights, Human Rights, Civil Rights, Legal Rights and Religious Rites, Anti-Prohibition, Anti-Death Penalty, Pro-Prisoners Rights, Pro-Marijuana/Cannabis/HEMP. Because of the work of her and many others, we are now able to consume Medical Marijuana in many forms without fear of retribution by the authorities. There have also been changes in the laws regarding the recreational use of marijuana. These changes means that people can use, and in some cases grow, their own personal marijuana. If you are interested in growing your own plants, you could visit for some valuable information. Not only are there many different ways to grow it, but there are different ways to consume it. Rolling up a joint is the most common method known to almost everyone. In addition to smoking in a bong or pipe, there are other ways to smoke. Some people may prefer to smoke from an illuminati glass bong while others might prefer a pipe. Although smoking can be considered a major method of consuming cannabis, other methods of consuming marijuana are also available. For those that do not like the thought of smoking marijuana, they can Click here to have a look at how to make rosin for example, which is a popular way of consuming the drug. However if you do your research, you are bound to find a way that best suits your needs.

Sheree writes, “Make no mistake about it we are at war within our own country. In fact the whole world is at war with each other. Furthermore we have been at war in our own country since the arrival of the Mayflower. But for this opinion I will only go back as far as September 11, 2001. The day the world changed forever for the citizens of the United States.”

My mission is to bring the important news of the day to the people least likely to have access to it. You certainly cannot get it from watching the mainstream media. The KMPA site is a resource site for the citizens of Kentucky to monitor the state of the issue on Marijuana/HEMP re-legalization, as well as many other issues which affect our state, our life and our well-being. It is also a “watchdog” of sorts for other important issues as well. Come and see what you have missed at

Sheree and the whole crew there at KMPA Need are support, please join and spread the word And thank you for all you’ve done to spread the word.