We’ve got T-shirts!

And they are showing up everywhere!
here’s a wonderful story about one Shirt and it’s journey;

Here’s the conversation

Melissa Fitzgerald feeling inspired at New England Grass Roots Institute.

Our entire year was dedicated to Aaron Matthew becoming well enough to sit in class with us and become a New England Grass Roots Institute graduate! Today Aaron won one of our top scoring Homework awards. We are so proud of you Aaron!! ‪#‎grasssrooooots‬ ‪#‎alumni‬ ?
Congratulations Matthew!

Paul Brennan Speaking of Aaron and that shirt… let me share a little story.

Last fall, I won the Hemp Eaze “Biggest Root Ball Challenge” and first prize was a tote full of Hemp Eaze products & shwag. The contest ended just before our big fundraiser for Aaron at Grass Roots, so I wanted to donate my Hemp Eaze prize as a raffle item for the fundraiser. Only I didn’t receive delivery until a few days after the event, so I just hung on to the stuff.

Then, after a few months, miss Nora Skye’s birthday rolled around… so I posted to this group that I would give my Hemp Eaze prize pack to the first person to donate $40 or more to Nora’s GoFundMe campaign with the message “Hempy Birthday, Nora!”


And wouldn’t you know it… within a minute, Aaron made that donation. Here is a young man, battling to overcome the odds, dealing with his own difficult circumstances, who jumped at the chance to help give back. That’s what kind of person Aaron is.

You, Aaron Matthew, are a class act!

Paul Brennan Darcy Stoddard… thought you might enjoy this story 🙂

Melissa Fitzgerald oh Paul i love this beautiful story. thank you so much for posting. ‪#‎sweet‬ ?

Darcy Stoddard Thank you Paul! I love What you have done <3 in helping to spread the hemp-eaze healing with such wonderful good will!