Hemp-EaZe Brings Welcomed Relief to South Africa!

Gavin Paul Jolliffe

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Hemp Eaze

 near Pietermaritzburg, South Africa

One of the best relief for arthritis pain ! I personally witnessed Hemp-Eaze at work.

I was blessed to receive a few sample’s to try out, my mom had arthritis in her thumb, being highly allergic getting medication was tricky , one day i was visiting and she mentioned her thumb was worrying her. I gave her a sample explained what was and I was surprised when she opened it smelled it and took a dab applied it and carried on chatting, I noticed after a few minutes she was,nt favoring her hand . Well Hemp-Eaze WORK’S , that little sample did the rounds, mom being a retired nurse was treating everyone, arthritic pains was sorted, mom phoned me a few weeks later to tell me an old lady had fallen out of her wheel chair spraining her wrist, well mom had a tiny bit of Hemp-Eaze left applied it to the sprained wrist, she mentioned that i took roughly 20min to dull pain and pain relief lasted about 12hrs.


OneLuv from South Africa

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