Hemp-EaZe Lip Balm, what are people saying?

lipbalmDon’t just smear a petroleum by-product on your lips and expect them to heal!

Hemp-EaZe Lip Balm is 100% Natural, formulated to ‘Heal’ your lips by feeding the lips to keep them healthy. Hemp-EaZe Lip Balm is healing, stimulating, antiseptic, and includes Omega 3, 6, and 9.

Made with hemp root, hyssop, sage, honey, olive and hemp seed oils.

Soy, Paraben, and petroleum free.

See what people are saying;


Rummy Lane Love it! Love it! Love it! ♥ That’s at a good price too, Darcy. Wow! 🙂


Kelsey McCracken I’m about to run out-it will be a sad day 😉

We’ve been in San Diego and L.A. and the Eaze is working great for our chapped beach lips and burnt skin! 😉

Bonnie Reiner I’m loving my hemp-eaze! super loving the lip balm, wonderful feel on my lips, not a lot of fragrance, mostly just really silky, and not mint at all which I love!

Rummy Lane My new favorite! It lasts a while too! I’m still on my first jar. I have two more on standby. 🙂

Virginia Amaral I love the lip balm you sent me with my latest jar of Hemp-Eaze by the way Darcy! No yucky aftertaste and perfect consistency. Thank you.