Herbs and Roots

Information about the Herbs and Roots we use to make Hemp-EaZe™

Soothe & Protect Body Care Lotion

Hemp-EaZe™ Soothe & Protect BODY CARE LOTION is Soothing relief for Rosacea, sunburn, Dry, Chapped, Rash and Irritated skin. Luxuriously scented […]

Rich oils, Bees Wax and Honey!

Rich oils, Bees Wax and Honey are the only additional Ingredients in Hemp-EaZe™ RiCH OILS The Tierra blend of herbs is infused […]


Let’s talk about Sage

Let’s talk about Sage, one of the essential ingredients in Hemp-EaZe™. Sage has always been another first choice for me, because it’s a […]