Grand Son twisted hair issues

from TwistedSister

Hello all! My Grandson has a disease that is called twisted hair disease! what happens is his hair is soo twisted that when it grows it breaks off so he has some spots that hair just did not seem to grow out at all! They say that once he gets to his teen years that his hair will be fine! there is no help out there from the specialist doctors! So, I decided to start using the Hemp-Eaze spray on his head!

Well we just went for a check-up to the specialist and she just could not believe how much his hair had grown in since his last visit!!!!!

So here is one more GREAT use for Hemp-Eaze!! I will also be promoting again this year at the summer festivals I am going to!! I will start a new thread on the travels to festivals this summer! So I can share with you all here!


Twisted Sister

PS thanks for starting this site Darcy!!!


Thank you Twisted Sister! that is fantastic! Now your grandson doesn’t have to live with that embarrassment! Thank you for sharing. That makes 200 more uses for Hemp-EaZe. Yes Please keep us posted about the festivals! Share pics and post on the calendar. Thats great!

Peace and Hempy Healing , Darcy