Happy Cat

‎Sally Miller‎ to Fans of Hemp-EaZe, The hemp root therapy

Hello Fans……I just wanted to mention and a big thank you to Darcy for your brilliant products…My last order I got the :Pet Aid Spray as my cat has an infection from back passage and coming thru skin at lower back. ( Well, that’s what the Vet told me ) …2 lots of tablets and the bill for vet was over $210 that day..I gave my cat what I had to and nothing worked from the Vet, for a while I was pulling my hair out as couldn’t get this soughted and “Dusty was so uncomfortable…..So, I take him to another Vet only to be told he is allergic to bloody fleas, 10 days of tabs and he was so much better, but couldn’t clear up the severe rash on his lower back…Darcy, I brought your Pet Aid Spray and I couldn’t believe how fast I saw a difference in the severity of rash and under 24hrs, the rash was nearly all gone, so he gets sprayed every day now, no more problems with Fleas and a happy Cat and owner as that was frustrating seeing Dusty so uncomfortable from pain and i couldn’t fix it for him…

I am now going to get it to my daughter as her dogs back, he keeps getting to this one spot and daughter cannot fix..So, going to try your spray on hers..I am convinced it will help her Dog too…..A great big thank you Darcy to another FABULOUS PRODUCT!!!…..<3.