Hemp-EaZe™ Daily ROOT -Our Cat

She seems to be having a curious issue with the pet spray. If I put it on her twice a day, she is the happiest feline in the world. Her hair grows almost completely back within 4 days, and I am sure it would continue if kept up, or if we could get a stronger formula. The issue, though, is that I forgot to put some on her for a few days, and then the days when she goes outside and doesn’t come back for a couple of days. The hemp eaze will last for about a day-ish it seems, and then the itching comes back like a craze like never before. It’s like the hemp eaze does such a good job that when its not on her anymore, she goes nuts and licks herself into a rash and red skin. My friend tried some on her dog, and her dog liked the flavor so much, she liked until she was inflamed. Is there any way to make a none tasty form of Hemp Eaze for dogs? lol  ~Annette

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