Hemp-EaZe™ Daily ROOT -Pet Aid and a baby chick

My wife and I have been using Hemp-Eaze now for a few years and love it very much. The most amazing experience came here in Palau with the Hemp-Eaze Pet Aid and a baby chicken.

The baby chicken got abused by a really mean hen and had the back of it’s head pecked so bad that there was nothing but skull and neck bones showing. I have never dealt with anything like it before, but knew we needed to keep it from becoming infected. I took the Hemp-Eaze Pet Aid and sprayed the back of the chicks head and it turned out that the chick calmed down and liked what I was doing. I kept this up once a day for a couple weeks until it became apparent that I could treat it at longer intervals. The chick actually seemed to look forward to the treatment and calmed way down each time. The wound healed amazingly fast with absolutely no infections. ~Truman C. Mincer

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