2014 Liberty From Pain Contest Winners and Entries


Once again Hemp-EaZe™ hosted the annual event, Liberty From Pain FaceBook, Contest! 

Participants sharpened their pencils and shared their Hemp-EaZe experiences to win prizes!

Here is the winning line up and their entries.




1st Place! – Jason JP Pooley with 46 votes!

Since the age of 13 my wife of 10 yrs as been a type 1 diabetic. She has neuropathy in her legs real bad. She as had pills pushed on her for awhile. The thing is pills hurt ur liver and kidneys. Diabetics have a high risk for failure of both and she’s on meds to protect them but u never kno. So one day i met a great guy name Kevin Spitler who introduced me to Hemp Eaze products. We’ve fell in love with the therapy cream and found out it works for neuropathy. Now I’ve got my grandmother to use it. She’s beat lymphoid cancer 2x and she loves it and uses it every day. I myself have 2 screws in my ankle that holds it together. Arthritis is not gonna stop me from playing softball. Thanks Hemp Eaze!

2nd place – Lora Murray with 39 votes!

I met these 2 amazing women during their hike from Yosemite to Seattle. One of the girls has pretty bad blisters, which caused her to slow a bit in her adventure. Her blisters forced them to have a day of rest (which is how we were fortunate to meet), I handed over my Hemp Eaze to put on her blisters and anything else she needs it for. It’s now making its way with this brave girl on the pct hike.

3rd place! – Jen LeMaster with 34 Votes!

I have a rare form of cancer of the breast called Paget’s disease. It causes extreme itching and there is NOTHING on this planet that takes the pain away along with the inching away except Hemp-eaze with honey. It has made my living hell a relief and it is a blessing to me. I use the Therapy Cream on my husbands tendinitis of the elbow, as well as his knee. With it he gets a pain free sleep, we are not fan’s of taking pills. I also put a little help-eaze with honey on our kitty’s when they have boo-boo’s. They heal so well with it. I use the lip balm for me in the winter. My lips are so dry they just crack and bleed all winter long, my husband hates the taste and feel of chap stick, he doesn’t enjoy this much but much rather me use this then chap stick. I also use the hemp-eaze with honey on my kids and all family cuts and scrapes. Cuts healing time in half and little to no scaring. The products from this company have become a family staple for a little bit of everything. I am very Grateful for my best friend finding this company for me. This product will never not be in my home. Thanks so much for your product and your shipping times are great!!! I am so grateful for this product there is just no words on how to express my love, and respect for this company for the product of God that they make.

4th Place! – Sandee Kean with 24 votes!

I fell a few weeks ago and tore the ligaments in my right knee. The hospital and my Doctor prescribed me pain relieving gels and lotions. I was very disappointed because they did absolutely nothing for my pain. A few months ago I had purchased a few items from you and was very happy with the results of all of them. I applied your Lavender and Hemp Massage Oil onto my knee and it definitely helped to ease some of the pain. Thank You for making such Awesome Products I Absolutely LOVE all of the Hemp-Eaze products I have bought!! I use the Lavender and Hemp Massage Oil for my arthritis, my back pain, my neck pain and most recently for torn ligaments in my knee. I have tried prescription pain relieving gels and lotions with no relief at all. I use the Hemp-Eaze Lip Balm to keep my lips soft and moisturized and I LOVE it and use it year round. I use the Hemp Root and Body Butter to keep my skin soft, supple and moisturized. It also works wonders on my psoriasis. I would never again live without the Hemp-Eaze Tattoo Balm. My tattoo’s have never looked so colorful and vibrant. Finally my dog Pookie, my cat Halo and I LOVE the Hemp-Eaze Pet Aid First Aid Spray. Pookie suffered from dry skin and no matter what I used it didn’t do 1/2 the job that the Pet Spray does. I recently had my cat Halo spayed and have been using the Pet Spray on her incision and she no longer tries to rub it on the floor. I must say her incision is looking fantastic and healing great. Hemp-Eaze You Totally Are 1 of the BEST COMPANIES I have ever dealt with.

Next comes our runner-ups! 

Violet Gonzalez with 18 votes!

I got hemp-eaze for the first time a little over a year ago when I was working at a local hospital in Florida. To help with my aching back from being a caregiver and long work hours and immediately after using it I felt relief. I had my co-workers use it and they received the same result. I really fell in love with this product after I came back from basic combat training (army) taking a break from the hospital life. I was a heat casualty and when I was getting treated, my arm was thrown in a pile of fire ants of which I am anaphylactic to and suffered over 500+ fire ant bites. I spent 3 days in the hospital recovering and was told that I would be scared for life and that they never saw anything like it before. I used hemp-eaze deep healing honey butter everyday. I have no scars and I am soo happy not to get stares anymore bc of my ugly bites …. I have my beautiful skin and not horrifying memories of my experience with the whole ordeal…. thank u for your wonderful products …. I am a testimony to your great work and I love sharing your amazing all natural products.

Shoreline Sheena with 16 votes!

Hemp Eaze Tattoo balm is HEMPtastic! I love how I can use it for my new ink, and still apply it to my old ones. It really makes the colors pop, a little goes a long way and did I mention its organic! This is an Amazing product I love telling my friends about!

Janene Mulley with 15 votes

I have been using the Hemp Eaze for a little while now & the pet spray I noticed my old minature foxy had a sore mouth because of a rotting tooth.As I sprayed her body her tooth didn’t bother her as much as she would lick the pet spray. My son is waiting to have 5 teeth surgically removed he was crying in pain this night & refuses pain medication so I sprayed the pet spray on some paper towel & got him to chew down on his sore teeth within 5 minutes no pain.That was several months ago & my son is still pain free.I now call this spray the mammal spray & yes many humans love it down under.

Danyelle Green with 14 votes!

My husband was in a bad car accident 16 years ago. As a result he has a slipped disc and a bulging disc. He never had or wanted surgery so he has lived with the motto “fall in love with the pain because pain hates love and it will go away”. Then about 10 years ago he whacked his upper thigh on a machine and has nerve damage that burns and radiates a numbness through his thigh. I have massaged him, used a vibrating massage wand, and plenty of icy hot and ben gay. About a month ago I visited my friend Kevin at the Toledo Hemp Center. He told me about Hemp-Eaze therapy cream. My husband is the head cook at a bar and works 6 days a week. He spends a lot of time on his feet running through out the kitchen. He comes home in pain almost everyday. Now, I rub his entire back and both thighs with therapy cream every night before we go to sleep. He tells me he’s been waking up feeling looser and better. I will never stop using this product. I have also been using your pet spray. I have a Brittany Springer Spaniel who suffered a stroke 2 years ago. As a result he has a funny hitch in his back end. My other dog has pulled a muscle in his back leg before. I pull out the pet spray and they come over right away. I rub it into their back ends and back legs. Amazing is that they then lay down and nap. I swear my Brittany doesn’t walk as stiff and their back ends are soft as silk. Thank you for making these wonderful products! My family will always use them now!

Virginia Amaral with 12 votes!

I have rheumatoid arthritis and degenerative discs in my lower spine and neck as a result. The pain in my back radiates through my hip and thigh and is almost unbearable at times and I cannot sleep. Hemp-Eaze is always my first line of defense to take the edge off of the pain in minutes and helps me get back to sleep .Sometimes it is all that is needed and when my pain is acute I use it in conjunction with other pain meds and it brings quick relief while I’m waiting for stronger meds to kick in. I stay very active and sometimes overdo it so I use Hemp-Eaze on my sore muscles and wounds as well. I use it on all my painful joints and I seriously do not leave home without it and I could not live without it. We use it for everything in our house. Even my 4 year old granddaughter asks me to get my Hemp- Eaze for her boo-boos. Thanks to Darcy and everyone at Hemp-Eaze for your excustomer service as well. I love you guys and tell everyone about Hemp-Eaze!

Sonia Guerrero with 10 votes!

We love the baby and me salve. My daughter was born in January. She’s not had a case of diaper rash thanks to thins product. At the first irritation we use the salve and within 24 hours the rash is gone.

CjandMieshagrammy Gorrell and Annice Holland Both Tied with 8 votes each!

CjandMieshagrammy Gorrell

as you know i love sharing Hemp Eaze ` My Friend >> Joy Paulin I use hemp eaze on my back and my legs when they are really giving me fits. I love this stuff. It is awesome. And, Sharon, I would not have known about it if you did not point it out. Thank you darling.

Annice Holland 

I use my Hemp Eaze for many things. Almost instant relief from pain.I use the baby and me salve on my face everyday, people say I have the smoothest skin. If you smash your finger with a hammer get the Hemp Eaze and rub it in, do that several times a day it will stop the swelling and keep it from getting infected. This stuff is awesome. I love it so much I send samples to people I know because I know they need it more than they do.They are usually happy I did.

Our Honorable Mention goes to;

TryIt Natural with 5 Votes!

My husband and I are new hemp eaze lovers!!!!! My husband suffers from severe back pain and shoulder pain from injuries inflicted while deployed. After tons of medication and no relief, we found your therapy cream and the results were instant! I also tore a ligament in my foot and have used the therapy cream on sore muscles and I am back at 110%!!!! After our own results we personally bought samples for family and friends! We also LOVE the baby and me salve! My son had a virus that caused blisters and was pain free while healing and no scars!!!!! We won’t go without hemp eaze in our household!!!!!


Thank you all for joining and making our Liberty From Pain Contest So Much Fun! 

Thank you voters for participating!  See you all next year!