Hemp-EaZe™ Daily ROOT -Soothes and Heals Burns

Carol Anne Kelly

Burnt the roof of my mouth on a hot corn dog, at the fair, last night. (You all know how that feels right?) Put some Hemp Eaze Therapy Cream on there, when I got home………the owee is gone! So for all your ugly county fair experiences, and all the other stuff, too, Try Hemp Eaze! LOL!

Todd Paige I Love this Stuff!  It works as soon as it touches your skin!

Gerald Mize Todds right. it’s really great. I used it on a bad exhaust burn. the scab was gone in 4 days with no itching

Frank Registrato And the thing is, it’s not just for Baby&Me…everyone can benefit from this. Formulated gentle enough for the little ones, and strong enough for the big ones…healthy hempy human healing, Hemp-Eaze makes me HAPPY!

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