UPDATE: Headfirst into the brick wall

10/4/21, 7:07 PM

I spent the day at the ER. I’m home now I’ll catch you up tomorrow.

Oh no! Ok I’ll wait for details. Rest well.

10/5/21, 9:57 AM

Okay good morning here’s what happened 

So we’ve had these power outages with no warnings and I’m walking through the house when suddenly it’s black and I tripped on the throw rug and went headfirst into the brick wall. Oh it bleed like crazy.  

Well I had a Dr. appointment Monday at 9 so I thought he could help, But he took one look and called an ambulance to take me the 50 miles to the ER.

So I’m in there 6 hours with no help or X-rays etc.

Finally they did an ultrasound and found I have no more injuries. But told me it’s too late for stitches so gave me antibiotics and now I face having a big scar.

Anyway, when they discharged me they took all the hookups off of me and oh the misery! With my thin skin they peeled the skin off too!

10/12/21, 12:02 PM


Hi, well slowly I am cleaning up the dried blood and its looking better except for the gaping gouge. I’m not sure how to close it up. Still resting on the couch, too much activity gives me a headache.

Well I got the wound all cleaned up, going to see the Dr. tomorrow, but they already told me its too late to stitch, I just hope they can find a way to close it somehow so it’ll heal better or looks like I’ll have this big gaping hole forever! UGH! I guess it’s good that I’m not younger wanting to preserve my looks LOL!

-Dr says I need to go to a plastic surgeon cause too much tissue and fat have been lost and that’s why it won’t close and I would have this big gash that won’t heal.

Sounds expensive.

I feel the best thing is to keep it air dry and use Hemp-EaZe™ Therapy Cream. Luckily I think all the nerves are severed cause I only have pain if I touch it but the rest of the time it’s numb.

After I cleaned it up

11/11/2021, 1:25 PM

So I applied Hemp-EaZe™ Therapy Cream several times a day pressing and massaging the skin to encourage the swelling to go away and pressing the skin together and as you can see I am able to move the skin closer together.

 01/20/2022, 1:25 PM

I mean look at the head wound now! It’s knitting together and closing up.

I used Hemp-EaZe™ Therapy Cream and massaged it and you see there’s plenty of tissue! And they wouldn’t stitch it and also told me I would need a plastic surgeon! Sheesh 

I know I’ll have a scar but it’s nothing as hopeless as they made me believe.

UPDATE: 03/28/2022

Here is the head shot, only 5 months of healing and look!

No ugly gash. Even hair is growing back! And the scar is very slight!

It’s so wonderful, I’m very pleased with how it’s healed compared to when started. Another Hemp-EaZe™Healing journey and this time it’s my own.

Stay safe everyone!

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