Lobelia Leaves L. Cardinalis



The lobelia acts as a relaxant on tense muscles when it is applied externally. Another herbal ingredient in our Hemp-EaZe 9 herb healing formula is Lobelia. Lobelia (Lobelia infata), also called Indian tobacco, is an herb that grows throughout North America and has been used medicinally for treating a range of respiratory ailments. The lobelia was used extensively by Native American peoples in their ceremonies in the same way as they used tobacco – the belief was that the smoking of the herb could ward off storms, it was also placed on graves, and employed in the rain dances. Native Americans also used the lobelia to prepare love potions and employed the herb as an antidote to such love charms. The lobelia also had practical uses; it was often burnt to smoke away gnats from a place.

The lobelia was used in treating dozens of ailments by native American peoples, these disorders ranged from all kinds of fevers to different venereal diseases, as well as stiff necks and earaches. The herb was popularized in the western world by the American herbalist.

The lobelia acts as a relaxant on tense muscles when it is applied externally; it is useful in the treatment of chronic sprains and certain types of problems affecting the spinal region. We like it because it works well on sprains, arthritic joints, and general aches and pains. Lobelia has also been used topically for insect bites and stings. It reduces swelling and eases pain.

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