Darcy Stoddard

About Darcy Stoddard

Hello, I am Darcy Stoddard, the maker of Hemp-EaZe , an Innovator for cannabis root healing. 

Higher Elevation

You can find Hemp-EaZe™ products in their CBD case. Higher Elevation is a brick n mortar store located in the […]

Amazing, on an old injury

Amazing! Scar tissue is not as tight and numbness gone 99% of the time. Wow, what a product. Just wanted to share that with you. Will be ordering soon.

Happy Cat

‎Sally Miller‎ to Fans of Hemp-EaZe, The hemp root therapy Hello Fans……I just wanted to mention and a big thank […]

Meet Siggi!!!

Siggi is an 12ish year old rescue pittie. She has super bad arthritis and pain in her legs and is […]