Harvesting Spanish Lavender Buds

This is my view as it’s time to harvest the Spanish Lavender buds, our first picking. The French lavender will mature later.
These buds are the ones we use for our bath teas, I love how lavender relaxes me and helps to make a restful sleep.
If you want to embrace your whole body with the healing benefits of Hemp-EaZe this is it. It’s one of the most enjoyable and therapeutic ways to relax, relieve sore muscles and soothe your skin. Hemp-EaZe Embrace Herbal Bath Tea will tantalize your senses. Made with the raw cut herbs of the Famous Hemp-EaZe Healing Formula which includes these beautiful flowers.
I’ll leave the smaller buds for the bees, who don’t seem to be threatened by my presence, as we busily go on with our jobs together. Once I accidentally grabbed a bud that a bumble bee was on, startled I let go quickly, the bee just kept doing it’s job and didn’t seem to notice. We are in peace here on the farm.