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The great people From NUG Magazine in San Diego California are active supporters of the Medical Marijuana Community and advocates of facilities such as this weed dispensary niagara falls locale, as well as the many others medical marijuana dispensaries users seem to be utilizing. It also helps that NUG magazine, with their very first issue, helped to bring Hemp-EaZe into the public eye!

Then 10/10 the editor, Ben Rowan made a personal review about the great healing of our Hemp-EaZe Tattoo Balm, October-2010-product-reviews

He wrote;

Hemp-Eaze Tattoo Balm

Our friends over at Hemp-Eaze just started making a tattoo balm and I had to try it out! As well as being the Publisher of NUG, I am also

a tattoo artist and was excited to hear that there was a hemp product for tattoo healing! I couldn’t write a real review without giving it a

full run-through, though, so lucky for me my wife agreed to finish her sleeve and used the Hemp-Eaze tattoo balm for the healing process.

I was amazed by the results! Her tattoo healed in a week and the best part was that the balm lasted all day! It took a week off the normal healing time and really helped with the dryness and itching!

Darcy Stoddard, the maker of Hemp-Eaze, also told me to try it on older tattoos as it made them come back to life and look new again and she was not kidding!

Now the entire NUG staff is busting my balls to get more! You can purchase Hemp-Eaze tattoo balm or any of their other great products on their website.

Currently Ben and the crew are testing the results of Hemp-EaZe Tattoo Balm with several clients and will be reporting back to us soon

Thank you Ben and all the crew from NUG Mag for all your support.