Tattoo Balm gets thumbs up!

Sheena Marie Roberts

I prefer organic whenever possible for my body, so I Go green with Hemp Eaze! If your looking for an organic tattoo balm, here it is

Sheena Marie Roberts Go green with Hemp Eaze, I did, and my tattoos are lovin it


Charity Mitchell

For all my inked friends & artists…. Check out this product! I have actually seen people use this & it is amazing!! They have other products available — with Jennifer Norman and 16 others.

D.j. Ownby, a Tattoo Artist wrote: “See that’s why we call it Pain Therapy…, if you can still feel it you probably aren’t dead, Lol! No worries, I have plenty of Hemp Eaze Tattoo balm, and a special “Baby & Me” spray they make to help with any potential discomfort:)”