Saving A Kitten’s Foot with Hemp-EaZe™

All the animals on the farm have their own unique story – We like you to meet Sheena, another Tierra Sol Farm addition.

She’s showing her pink and healthy hind foot that once was mangled but healing with the help of Hemp-EaZe.

Our adventure started 3 days before we were scheduled to leave to go to Southern California for my son’s wedding.

A week-old kitten suddenly appeared an hour after my husband returned from a trip downtown. Being that we are in a rural area far from the main road, we could only conclude that this little kitten must have been placed near the warm engine by momma cat when the car was parked before Bill drove away.

The conclusion was that this little kitten, her eyes barely open, held on for a horrifying 15 miles it took to get home, we decided to name her Shenna, the warrior princess.

For her mighty deeds. Her untimely visit presented a
_ predicament though because we weren’t going to miss my Son’s wedding, what were we to do with this little kitten days before our departure?.

Perplexed, the only safe choice was to place her in a rabbit cage with a cat box, plenty of food, and water, toys, blanket, box to hide in, and company with the rabbits and ducks, that lived in the coop. she’d be safe till our return.

One week later we returned from, by the way, the most wonderful wedding experience, to find that the little kitten caught its hind leg on a hanging string. From where she found it, I don’t know, but she was hanging upside down! No telling for how long!

When we rescued her, we realized she had dislocated her leg and mangled her toes. Naturally, it was Friday night, Vets are closed, so we went into the home hospital regiment!

Daily, We applied Hemp-EaZe Therapy Cream and a brace, that Bill fashioned out of a piece of #4 solid copper wire and shaped to support the upper leg, and bent to give the foot support.

We re-applied Hemp-EaZe and re-wrapped it 3 times a day. Outside of being held through the process, she was bouncing and running like nothing had happened and …within two weeks she is completely healed. Awesome! Hemp-EaZe, healing at the ROOT of the problem.
She’s now over five year’s old and been a complete delight to us, but a long time ago Bill and I decided that she was sent for our lonely cat ‘Itchy’ to bring back his spirit after he lost his companion.

At first, he was reluctant to her cute little antics. But she kept bugging him and now he runs and plays, loves to play chase, he no longer acts like an old man, his spirit has returned. This gift of the Hemp-EaZe formula has presented many wonders…