Hemp-EaZe™ Lavender & Hemp Nourishing Massage Oil Customer Reviews

We continue this healing journey with the creation of the Original Hemp-EaZe™ Lavender & Hemp nourishing Massage Oil.

We have been able to keep branching out and reaching more people to help because of the many positive testimonials that our happy customers continue to give us. Over the years and to this day, people share their stories and help others gain confidence to try a sample. These are just a few.

Hemp-EaZe™ Lavender & Hemp Nourishing Massage Oil


My Body Thanks you 06/19/2018

Today is definitely a Lavender and Hemp Massage Oil day!! My entire body is hurting but thanks to Hemp EaZe it won’t be hurting for long. I can barely move my fingers because of my arthritis. I want to say Thank You for such wonderful products that are natural and don’t have the side effects prescription medications have. You are truly amazing

Best ever 01/26/2018

I think of you every night and morning when I use my LAVENDER & HEMP ROOT THERAPY OIL for FIBROMYALGIA! Makes me be able to start my day

I absolutely LOVE your products 11/19/2017

Last night I asked a friend to please rub the massage oil into my neck and shoulders and I was so surprised at how well it worked. I absolutely LOVE your products and I will definitely order more in the future. I like the fact that a little goes a long way when applying these products.

Neck Pain Gone!  08/23/2017

A huge thank you to Hemp-EaZe for your massage oil I have had bad neck pain for months now after using the oil twice I have no pain at all and can move my neck without being sore. You are amazing hun thanks some much

Great for the shower! 05/11/2017

A little tip I always love to share. Use the oil in a spray bottle in the shower and after your shower spray a mist all over your body and just dab yourself dry. Fabulous stuff!!!!

Keep handy 12/19/2016

One of my most recent experiences with Hemp-Eaze is when a few weeks ago I got my finger caught in a metal folding chair. About 200 lbs of pressure squeezed my knuckle tight and ripped my cuticle completely off! I wish I’d thought to take pics so I could show the difference the Hemp-Eaze made in the healing of my finger! I’m still using it on my finger to help with joint pain and stiffness from having my knuckled nearly crushed, and I was in so much pain! My finger swelled and drained and I couldn’t bend my finger at all for a while. I still have stiffness, and can’t bend it all the way but the Hemp-Eaze Therapy cream and the Lavender and hemp Massage oil has brought me so much relief! I am truly thankful for such a miracle.

Great for many things 10/19/2016

Bug bites, bruises, scrapes, chafing, rashes, even hemorrhoids! Any and all type of pain, burn or itch is soothed and healed so fast and easily. 
I’ll admit sometimes I just open the bottle just to smell it because it smells so amazingly good

Love it! 08/29/2016

My husband helped me by rubbing my back, neck, shoulders, legs, and ankles down in Hemp-Eaze Lavender & Hemp oil, It felt GREAT, the smell was WONDERFUL, and just the aroma alone lifted my mood! It is like aromatherapy! 
I have arthritis in my back and hips and the oil was sooo soothing! I also add it to my baths and I can honestly say no other commercial bath oil will EVER touch my skin ever again! I am allergic to other bath oils and even some soaps, even Calgon and Skin So Soft bath products can be problematic for me. I never had a moment of discomfort on my face or any yeast infection or burning after using the Hemp-Eaze Lavender & Hemp oil in my baths.

Soothed my eye 06/11/2016

A couple weeks ago, I got dust blown in my eye and my eye was scratched.
I flushed it out and use eye drops but it stung and hurt and my eye was really red. Nothing relieved the irritation.
I wasn’t sure if it would be o.k., but I dabbed a little Hemp-EaZe massage oil at the corner of the eye and felt soothed. I dabbed a
 little more on the bottom eyelid and blinked the oil in the eye and was surprised because the irritation was completely gone! And the
 redness went away too!

Finally Found Relief! 05/18/2016

Just got my order…my roomie rubbed my shoulders and neck for about 10 minutes with the massage oil. He felt a difference right away, my neck popped twice and the tingling in my left hand stopped for a few minutes (first time I haven’t felt that since 2008)

Amazing Find! 04/11/2016

I get headaches sometimes and everyone knows I’m anti-pain medication. I’ve been using Hemp-EaZe Massage Oil to massage my neck and I’m happy to report that it makes a huge difference! I’m excited about this amazing find! Thanks

Best stuff on earth!!!! 01/08/2016

Never go without it! Try it!

This Lavender Massage Oil will Nourish your Skin and make your Mind and Body Relax. Hemp Eaze Lover 05/28/2015

My family has been using the Original Therapy Lotion for over a year now with fantastic results. I want to take this opportunity to let everyone know about our experience with Darcy’s massage oil. My mom was struggling with a severe attack of arthritis in her knee and thigh. I suggested she try the massage oil several times a day and it helped dramatically. Within a few days she noticed a difference, but within a week or 10 days, the difference is amazing? I love Darcy’s products and she has taken such care in creating and developing them. Much love, Janie

Hemp-EaZe massage oil not just for massages 07/31/2014
I just love their new massage oil! It only takes a couple drops in the bath it makes my skin soft and the mild scent of lavender!
I have also used it on small cuts, and rash. It is very gentle and soothing.
Plus when massaged it goes deep to help my aching back.
I love the one bottle is almost a year supply, very reasonably priced


I LOVE the oil! 07/31/2014

I used the lavender & hemp root nourishing massage oil in the bath water last night, It was GREAT! It was GREAT! I’m Madly in LOVE with Hemp Eaze
AND here is a BIG reason I LOVE the oil… I’m allergic to a lot of bath products. Like the little bath oil beads and fizzies, most soaps and shampoos too. They will give me a yeast infection that feels like everything “down there” is on fire and itches insanely! So I have to be careful what I put into the bath water. Also, My face is so sensitive that I can’t use soap or oils on my face. Even some of the products that claim to be for sensitive skin or hypoallergenic have caused me to suffer. The Hemp Eaze lavender & hemp root nourishing massage oil DIDN’T make my skin feel like it was on fire! It didn’t dry out my face! It didn’t break out my face! I’m not suffering! It didn’t hurt after the bath! I am soooo thankful for your product! You are heaven sent message oil –

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