Hemp-EaZe™ Lip Balm with Honey Customer Reviews

We continue this healing journey with the creation of the Original Hemp-EaZe™ Lip Balm.

We have been able to keep branching out and reaching more people to help because of the many positive testimonials that our happy customers continue to give us. Over the years and to this day, people share their stories and help others gain confidence to try a sample. These are just a few.

Hemp-EaZe™ Lip Balm with Honey & Hemp Seed Oil


I’m Addicted! 06/11/2018
I actually lost my lip balm and was going crazy….I had to immediately order a new one to replace it

the best 05/15/2018
No yucky aftertaste and perfect consistency. Thank you.

Love it! 04/26/2018
I want to say I absolutely LOVE your lip balm!! I hate anything on my lips…..can’t stand lipstick or anything like it. My lips were getting chapped and dry and I used your lip balm. Within 2 days my lips were just fine if not softer!! Thank You for such an awesome product great healing. I’ve told my friend all about it, and after she’s used her cold sore treatment from Quantum Health, she’s going to give it a go.

The lip balm is truly awesome. I had really chapped lips and the lip balm had my lips healed and feeling so very soft in 2 days! It’s Fantastic

I knew your cream was wonderful but now I know so is your lip balm.
I had bit myself on the inside of my lower lip many days ago. I ended up with this white very sore almost pimple looking thing. Well no matter what I put on it nothing seemed to work. Every time I brushed my teeth or used mouthwash it would burn very badly. Well I received the cream I ordered from your site and since I used the word “Chocolate” in the message box you sent me, as advertised, a small container of your lip balm. Well I started using it last night, around 6:30, since that’s when we got home and I opened the package. Well as of this morning the darn pimple is “GONE’. In just ONE night using your lip balm. I’m still using it today but it seems to have taken away the pimple thing just overnight and now it is just a little bit sensitive. I’m only still using it today only to keep up the healing but I believe after today it will be completely healed and I can keep it for future use.

One of my favorite products is the Lip Balm. Absolutely wonderful, never leave home without it. Nothing compares to Hemp-Eaze!

here is no better lip balm!
It’s the truth. Burt’s, Carmex, Soft lips, ChapStik….nothing compares to Hemp-Eaze! The quality I’ve come to expect from Hemp Eaze.

This is likely the most healing lip balm available. The honey adds a touch of sweetness and adds to the healing and experience.

Lissa Livingston
I’ve been using mine on my newborn granddaughter’s lips Everytime the cool air hits her, her lips were drying out and flaking…Its keeping them from chapping and she loves it!!! Shes gonna have beautiful lips Thanks Darcy!!!

Comparing Hemp-EaZe lip balm to other brands 07/31/2014
We took The Hemp-EaZe Lip Balm on a test run. By comparing it with many of the popular brands of hemp lip balm products. The Hemp-EaZe lip balm won overall. Most fell short for two reasons: too stiff and perfumy.
where the Hemp-EaZe, glided on softly and smells honey delicious and natural. Also, it absorbs, instead of laying there. It heals, rather than causing dryness. Even safe enough for my baby.
5 stars


You will find Hemp-EaZe™ Lip Balm here, https://tierrasolfarm.com/shop?olsPage=products%2Fquqpw774lm